Alarming Alarm Clock

An enhancement of the standard android AlarmClock application.

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An enhancement of the standard Android AlarmClock application. All the great features of the standard alarm clock, plus extra customization for how alarms behave.

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Math Captcha
Always sleeping through snooze? Use the math captcha feature to make sure you are awake
Shake to snooze
Tired of fumbling sleepily for the snooze button? Just shake your phone and sleep on
Clock Widget
Bored of the one analog clock widget from the default alarmclock? Choose one of 11 new clock designs for your home screen.
Captcha on Dismiss
If Captcha on Dismiss is set, you must complete a little activity before alarms can be dismissed. (menu button will let you give up). The captcha is a quick little game where you are presented 9 dots, some randomly yellow. If you press a yellow dot it becomes green, if you press a gray dot it becomes red. Once all dots are green or gray, you can proceed.